Find more about the typical czech Christmas!

Divination from lead

Divination from lead or wax is one of the most famous traditions and many of the families gather on Christmas and try to guess how it is going to be the next year. This fun is so popular that you may even buy a set to try this.

To do this, you take a piece of lead (wax) and melt it. Be careful while doing this since the melted lead is very hot. After you pour it into a bowl of cold water. From the shape, you may read the future. For example, a star means that great success is coming to you!


Fish scale

One of the traditional Czech meals is a carp with potato salad. To keep the money in your pocket, hide one of the fish scales under the plate and carry it with you for the entire year to ensure the wealth for the whole year.


Slippers for single girl

One of the old traditions says that on Christmas day can a single girl find out if she will get married by the end of the next year. She stands with the door her back facing the door and throws a shoe or a slipper with her right hand behind her shoulder. If the toe of the shoe is looking at the door, you may all celebrate!


Boats from the nut-shells

Most of the Czech Christmas customs are regarding the divination. This one is no different. You will need a large bowl of water, some nutshells, and small candles.

Attach the candle to the shell of the walnut and secure the area to make sure you will not burn anything around. If necessary, you may cut the candle to add the little boat stability. Each person will light up their own boat and let it flow in the bowl.

If the boat will remain by the edge of the bowl, it means that the owner will not go far from home, but if the small vessel will come to the center, the person will travel a lot. Also, if the little boat will last until the candle will burn out, it means a long and happy life. 


Golden piggy

Many of the Czech families were fasting on Christmas day. The tradition says that if you will not eat for the entire day, you will see a golden piggy, which will bring you in the next year happiness and wealth. Friends used to tease each other and use a pocket mirror to reflect lights on the wall to trick each other.


And there is one more custom. Any girl or a woman can go and take some of the freshly cut cherry branches and put them in the water. If by the Christmas day blossoms appear, a girl may expect a marriage while already married women can expect a lot of joy and happiness.


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the Czech traditions. However, to enjoy the real Czech Christmas time you have to come to visit us and experience the wonderful atmosphere!

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